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Business English Coaching

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

[Benjamin Franklin]

Business English Coaching

How we add value

Customised Solutions in Business Language and Communication

30-60 minutes

How Does Business English Coaching Add Value To You?

Through Skillful Questioning and Sharing of Knowledge Enable You to Understand, Translate, Interpret and Apply

Where Business English Will Empower You...Ask Yourself...

  • Do you operate across international borders in a global business?

  • How effective are you in practical tasks e.g. writing business letters, minutes, memos?

  • Do you need to understand business and economic trends through reading business English?

  • What are the communication interpersonal skills you need to succeed in the team, as a leader?

  • How competitive are you in the global workforce market?|

  • Do you hold responsibility for the success of negotiations?

  • Are you intending to work or study abroad?

  • Do you need to focus on your professional presence and influence?

  • Are you responsible for leading or participating in presentations and/or virtual discussions?

Who Can Benefit

Professionals Working in a Multinational English Speaking Company

Professionals Aspiring to Communicate with Influence and Impact

Professionals Transitioning in their Career

Professionals Who Seek to Negotiate with Positive Collaboration

What Type of Individuals/Applications

Teamwork, Collaboration and Constructive Thinking

Presentations, Meetings, Reporting 

Interviews, Work Abroad, Academia

Contracts, Agreements, Employment 

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