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Virtual Online Executive, Career & Wellbeing Coaching

"Partnering together with the 'Virtual You', Anytime, Anywhere, creating more time for your potential"

Virtual Coaching  

How we add value

Virtual [Online] Executive, Career & Wellbeing Coaching

What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual Coaching is used to describe Executive, Wellbeing or Career Coaching that takes place online.


SED Solutions facilitates Virtual Coaching through mediums for communication including online platforms, providing audio and visual [e.g. Zoom]; telephone, providing audio; and with additional e-mail support. 

  • A coaching program can be designed where all coaching occurs virtually, or, depending on the location and accessibility of the SED Solutions Coach and yourself, through a 'blended' approach providing a mix of both face-to-face and virtual sessions.

  • As shown in a study by Berry [2011] coaching across a distance is just as effective as face-to-face.

Try our complimentary free session…don’t be a skeptic you will be surprised how the virtual space will enable your progression!

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