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Executive & Wellbeing Coaching

"Partnering with clients in a thought provoking & creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal & professional potential"

[International Coaching Federation]

How Add Value
Executive Coaching

Executive and Wellbeing Coaching
Self and Leadership Development

How Will Executive & Wellbeing Coaching Add Value To You?

Through Skillful Questioning Create a Space For Your Deep Inquiry & Reflection...Enabling You To Address The Below Questions...Understanding What to Focus On and How To Move Forward.

  • Have you found your purpose is no longer aligned with where you are heading?

  • Do you need to determine your business strategy?

  • Are you navigating and balancing life and organisational challenges?

  • Are you no longer progressing and in a space that is 'stuck'?

  • Have you lost your creative flair when leading?

  • Are you struggling with being proactive in facilitating 'strategy to action'?

  • Do you find yourself challenged in connecting with your team?

  • Are you losing sight of who you are - your identity?

  • How could you heighten your self-awareness, self-confidence and resilience as a leader?

  • Have you lost clarity on how to manage and lead 'change'?

  • Are you seeking to tap into your potential, performance and positioning as a leader?

  • Do you need a deeper understanding of how your approach, attitude and behaviour impacts on others?

60-75 minutes

Who Can Benefit 

Senior Executives

Transitioning Leaders and Managers

Small Medium-Large Enterprise Principals

Board and Committee Directors

What Type of Individuals/Applications

High Potential & Self Development

Highly Valued Leaders at Risk, Onboarding

Embedding Knowledge Post Development

Setting Strategy & Growth

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