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Approach & Background

"I facilitate inquiry, inspire curiosity and challenge assumptions to create space for innovative thought, which leads to strategic and lasting positive change"

Sonya is the Managing Principal of Strategic Effective Development [SED] Solutions,  having 25 years in leadership as a strategic business partner, coach, business english coach and leadership program manager; encompassing executive leadership, consulting, HR strategy, organisational and learning development, and stakeholder engagement.


View Sonya's profile for further detail of her experience and capability.

On a personal level Sonya's life brings a richness to those that engage with her, coming from her, and her family’s, broad background and interests. A long term farmer, avid world traveler, co-principal of small-medium-retail-enterprises and commercial investments, passionate trail-rider [with her horses], enthusiastic 'boaty' and committed philanthropist [through initiatives to enable community resilience and engagement in education].

The broadness of Sonya’s professional and personal experiences enhances her coaching and consulting space, drawing on her wisdom, successes, challenges faced and learnings, to facilitate progression and fulfillment with those that engage with her.

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