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Career Coaching

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing"

[Albert Einstein]

Executive Career Services

How we add value

Career Guidance and Coaching Programs

45-75 minutes

How Will Career Coaching Add Value To You?

Through Skillful Questioning Create a Space For Your Deep Inquiry & Reflection...Enabling You To Address The Below Questions...Empowering You to Take Action, Understand What Inspires You & How to Maximise your Potential

  • Have you lost 'zing' in your career and wanting to find a better way to work; enriching each day?

  • Are you considering a new career but unsure what direction to take?

  • Have you identified your career blockers/barriers that are hindering your growth?

  • Do you really know your strengths, how to leverage these and which are transferable for next career?

  • Have you identified your key focus areas lining up with your values, motivators and interests?

  • Are you facing a challenging situation at work and need support to consider and analyse possible approaches/solutions?

  • Are you undertaking your development planning and seeking to assess any skills or knowledge gaps, and then align how to develop these?

  • Are you preparing for interviews and wanting to role play scenarios and pitch yourself effectively?

  • Do you need input into your resume to maximise the impact of how you position yourself?

  • Are you transitioning from a technical specialist to a manager role, or, a manager to leader role, and challenged by the space you now find yourself in?

  • Are you struggling with achieving the work-life balance you most want?

Who Can Benefit

Professionals Seeking to Enhance their Current [Day-Day] Career

Professionals Transitioning 'up'/'Stretching' out in Career

Professionals Now Transforming into a New Career Direction

Graduates Launching their Career Plan

What Type of Individuals/Applications

Professional Seeking Job-Satisfaction

High Potential/Self Development 

Mid-Senior Tier at Career Crossroads

University Graduate/Post Graduate

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