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Sharing Experiences to Create Context about Sonya's Approach

“Sonya is a really considered coach that will make you think, take you outside your comfort zone, and lead you to break throughs." 

“Great opportunity for reflection on my personal and professional goals and their interaction with my views on actual and desirable leadership style.”

“Positive experience, given me insight into how I can develop in ways that suit my personality and strengths.”

“The coaching helped me focus on what was important vs. what I thought was important.”

"Sonya was very good at finding the right times to push and when to allow me to wander through my own thoughts until I got to the answer I needed."

"Sonya challenged me in a manageable but good way. She saw through my BS which was important and very valuable. Often she was able to articulate what was really going on just as I was becoming conscious of what was going on. These moments really impressed me and accelerated my learning."

 “I went into the experience feeling very negative and unclear and came out feeling much more positive with a clearer sense of a way forward.”

"I am more focused, strategic and productive, both in and out of the workplace."

"Sonya has a gift for calibrating the challenge of stepping beyond your comfort zone in a way that supports self belief and success. I highly recommend Sonya if you want a greater degree of clarity, confidence and direction in your life. "

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